Black cat appreciation day!

Black catIn many cultures black cats are seen as good luck. Here in the US they’re sadly more associated with bad luck, and they have a hard time finding homes. Cats with black coat are nearly five times as likely to be put to sleep in a shelter than cats with another color.

Black cat appreciation day is intended to change the myths that keeps them from being adopted. Many people don’t understand cats. Some fear them, or even hate them, and keep spreading misinformation about them.

Not everyone has to like cats, but distancing oneself from a species because of myths and erroneous information is a loss both for the person and the cats.

Here are some fun facts about black cats:

  • According to the Japanese and the British, black cats are good luck
  • In Scotland, the black cat is believed to bring prosperity
  • Black cats are believed to be the best ship cats, because they bring good luck
  • Black cats are actually just like all other cats, except for being black. They’re just as sweet and cuddly as all other cats.
  • Black cats are like miniature panthers. They’re natural ninjas. Having a ninja panther is cool.

If you have a black cat, or adopt one, take some photos and share on social media. Together we can debunk the myth about black cats being bad luck!

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