Brazilian multi-tasker protects gold and hunts jaguars

A Fila Brasileiro would require an extra large PlexiDor dog doorThe Fila Brasileiro is a very large dog breed from Brazil. These dogs are intelligent, sturdy, and strong, and the Brazilian army uses them for work in the jungle under conditions no other dogs can stand up to.

These versatile working dogs have an interesting history; they have been used for everything from guarding gold mines to hunting Jaguars. A Jaguar can run 40 miles per hour, and few dogs can keep up. The breed is also often used as trackers, hunters, or herders.

This breed is loving and loyal to a fault towards their family and will put up with a lot from children and other pets, but they are inherently suspicious against strangers. This is a natural guardian who lives to protect their loved ones.

Puppies should get to meet many different people in positive situations, and since the dogs become very large – up to 180 lbs – and are very strong, it is extra important to train them well.


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