Dog breeds perfect for apartment life

With recent dips in the economy, more Americans than ever live in multi-family units. While it’s possible to make almost any dog happy in an apartment, choosing a breed well-adapted to the lifestyle when getting a new family member can make things easier. Here are some examples of breeds particularly well suited to apartment life. 

Scottish Terrier

This is a family friendly breed that quickly grows devoted to the family. The dogs often come across as serious and can be aloof when meeting strangers, but they’re very loyal and loving towards “their” humans. Daily walks and fun toys generally satisfy their need for activity.


The average Bulldog loves a good nap on the couch. These dogs are good-natured and loving, and not interested in excessive exercise. They love to snuggle, watch TV, and keep an eye on what might be happening in the kitchen. Be aware that Bulldogs are sensitive to heat, and that they can’t swim.

Lhasa Apso

These dogs have a convenient apartment-friendly size, are affectionate towards the family, suspicious towards strangers, and independent enough to not be needy. A Lhasa Apso tends to adapt their level of activity to that of the family. A daily walk and some play time keeps the dogs happy. Downside? The elegant coat requires a lot of grooming.


The Pug is a charming, playful, and affectionate bundle of love. These dogs can adapt to most environments and lifestyles – as long a they get to be a part of the family. As long as your Pug gets to be with you, he or she will likely be happy to chill in the sofa, go for a walk, visit family, or dress up in a costume.


The Greyhound is often called the 45-mph couch potato, and that describes them very well. An average Greyhound likes to mosey around the block with you, or run all he can for five minutes. When that’s done, they like to snuggle up somewhere soft and comfortable. As a bonus, they rarely bark and are easy to groom.

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