Dog breeds with best sense of smell

The Beagle is amongst the dogs with best sense of smell.

A dog’s sense of smell far surpasses a human’s. But, have you ever wondered which breeds have the best sense of smell? Here is the top five breeds for detecting scents:

1. Most people would probably answer Bloodhound, famous from many movies and cartoons where they track scents for miles. A Bloodhound has 300 million scent receptors, which is far more than any other breed. These dogs can follow a scent on the ground, and also air scent. This is one of the oldest breeds that hunt by scent, and Bloodhounds are indeed used by law enforcement. Their work is so accurate that evidence trailed by Bloodhunds has been accepted in courts.

2. The Basset Hound is often considered the second best in scenting ability. These dogs are built to follow a scent trail, and have a phenomenal sense of smell.

3. The Beagle comes in as favorite on many types of dog breed lists, and they also have an excellent nose. These cheerful little dogs have as many scent receptors as the much larger German Shepherds, and can follow both air and ground scents. Beagles are often used as detector dogs for narcotics and agriculture. The USDA Beagles have a 90 percent success rate and can recognize around 50 distinct odors.

4. German Shepherds might not be the first breed that comes to mind when discussing sense of smell; they’re more known as police and military dogs. However, their keen sense of smell is one of the properties making them so well suited for these lines of work. They have around 225 million scent receptors and are excellent at air-scenting. That means that a German Shepherd can track a human scent carried by the wind. They are often used as tireless Search and Rescue dogs, bomb detectors, and narcotics trackers.

5. Labrador Retrievers also come to mind when talking about working dogs. Their sensitive noses made them great for Search and Rescue, drug, and bomb detection. Labradors are sometimes trained to detect cancer from a patient’s breath.

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