Did your dog eat something he shouldn’t?

There are many stories about dogs eating everything from stuffed toys to gravel. Some dogs never get into trouble, and others eat everything they can get a hold of. If your best friend falls into the latter category it’s wise to dog-proof your home. If doggie can’t get to something, he won’t eat it.

If your dog still manages to eat the remote control or something from the laundry pile, go see a vet. If your normal vet is closed, call the nearest emergency animal clinic and tell them what happened. Some objects will pass on their own, but others can create great damage.

Many pet owners are tempted to wait and hope for the best – even if the dog ate something toxic – but it’s not a wise course of action. Call a veterinarian. The more time that passes, the costlier it will be to fix the problem – and the more dangerous to your pet.

Common signs that your dog ate something he shouldn’t have include vomiting, gagging, stomach pain, lethargy, loss of appetite, changes in bowels, and changes in behavior.


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