Sunshine story: dog gets 3D printed legs

Derby the dog was born with deformed and disabled front legs, and would get around through dragging himself with the small forearms. His foster family got him a wheelchair, and while that worked well, they felt that he could get something even better. Thanks to technology and the new 3D printing technology, Derby got a Christmas miracle and is now able to run on newly created legs.

3D printers have been used to make cost efficient limbs for humans, but Derby is the first animal to get 3D printed prosthetics. The materials and tools that are developed for humans don’t always work on animals. It is, for example, easy to scan a person’s leg to fit a prosthetic, but not as easy to scan a dog’s. The company making the leg molded a cast of fiberglass and scanned that into the printing system.

Another problem is teaching the pet to use the prosthetic, and as you can see from the video, Derby has succeeded quite well – and he is becoming an Internet phenomenon.





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