Dog influenza outbreak in Manhattan

Dogs aren’t usually susceptible to the same viruses that make us sick, and the other way around, but they do get illnesses that are pretty similar to human sickness. This weekend, dog owners in Manhattan were warned about an outbreak of canine influenza.

The virus is highly contagious and airborne, so if you’re walking your dog in the area and encounter coughing dogs it’s wise to stay away. Symptoms usually show up within a week of infection.

A mild infection will resemble a kennel cough. The dogs become lethargic, some stop eating, and for some the condition progresses into pneumonia. In severe cases, the dog can die from the infection. Symptoms beside the cough include a runny nose and fever.

If you’re in the area, keep an extra eye on your doggie. There is a canine influenza vaccine available, and vets recommend this for dogs who will spend time close to other dogs.

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