Not every dog is cut out to be a police dog

The Belgian Malinois is a breed used by police forces all over the world, and they excel at security work, protection, search and rescue, scent detection, and many other things. However, dogs are individuals just like people, and police work isn’t for everyone. 

Cash is a two year old Belgian Malinois, and he was supposed to join the police force of Cannon Beach, Oregon. While he surely did his best, it was soon clear to the officers that Cash wasn’t cut out for the job; the poor dog was afraid of heights, skittish, and maybe even afraid of drugs – he’d bark aggressively instead of sniffing them out.

Cash is now returned to his original owner, and will hopefully find a new career.

The Belgian Malinois was originally bred to be a herding dog. Many confuse the dogs with German Shepherds, but they are quite different dogs. They are generally quick to learn and eager to please their humans, they have an abundance of energy, and require interaction and exercise.


Cash, the Belgian Malinois

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