Farm Bill to protect animals from fighting schemes

Few things enrages animal lovers as much as dog fights and the events around them. Authorities agree with the public opinion – animal fighting should be stopped – but it has been difficult to do anything about it. It happens that arrangers of dog fighting have been caught and convicted, but up until now this has been an exception.

It has been illegal to host dog fights, cock fights, or any other cruel pitting of beast against beast in the USA. Problem was that the arrangers would slip into the crowd and disappear at first sign of a raid.

Is is now illegal to even attend an event like this.

The new law is a part of the Farm Bill, recently signed by President Obama. It is now a federal crime to attend and/or bring a child to any animal fighting event.

Spectator admission fees and gambling dollars have financed these spectacles of unnecessary violence, but if the profit disappears the incentive to host fighting events will disappear as well. Hopefully, this will lead to a decrease in dog and cock fighting events as well as a decrease of pets being stolen for use as bait dogs.

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