Finnish dog breed yodels and wins barking competitions

Finnish Spitz stampThe Finnish Spitz – or Suomenpystykorva – is the national dog of Finland, hailed in many patriotic songs. These small and hardy dogs are perhaps most known for their barking abilities. They can bark up to 160 times a minute!

The Finnish Spitz was originally bred for hunting, with a focus on birds and small game, but they are also used for moose and bear. The breed stems back some 6,000 years, with the first representatives arriving to Europe around 2,000 years ago.

A typical Finnish Spitz loves children, wants to spend time with the family, and gets along well with other dogs. They are intelligent, independent, lively, quick, and friendly.

So, what’s with the barking? It has several functions; it tells the hunter the dog has found something, it distracts the prey, and to some point it masks the noise of the hunter approaching.

In their home land of Finland, there are barking competitions for the Finnish Spitz. They are also one of the few dogs who can yodel.


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