Get the most out of dog toys

Tennis balls Dog toys are important, but can get expensive. If your dog tires of toys quickly, here are some tips for getting the most out of the toys.

  • Rotate your dog’s toys on a weekly basis and keep a few available at a time. This way, old toys can be like new. If your dog has an absolute favorite you might want to keep that available all the time.
  • Make a good mix of the toys that are available. For instance one toy to carry, one to kill, one to roll around, and one to baby.
  • Play hide and seek with your dog through hiding toys and letting your dog seek. A toy that’s just handed over is okay, but a toy that required work and was “found” can be even more precious. You can also hide treats and teach your dog to seek them. This is a good mental exercise that keeps your dog active.
  • Take time to play with your dog. Whether it’s a hide and seek game, playing frisbee, or tossing a ball, interactive games will help establish the bond between you. Playing together also gives an opportunity to learn good behavior.

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