A happy family reunion

Every pet lover fears their pets going missing. If it happens during a storm or natural disaster it’s even worse; the community as a whole is rocked, and loss of home and property is difficult to deal with. Sometimes, the stories have unexpected happy endings.

Reckless is a mixed breed dog who got out of his New Jersey family’s back yard during monster storm Sandy back in 2012. They searched for months, called shelters, and did everything you’re supposed to do when losing a pet. Reckless did not turn up.

Months passed by and as the family got used to living in a hotel as their home is being repaired, they slowly gave up hope on seeing their dog again.

Last week they decided to surprise their daughter through getting a new dog. When they headed to the Monmouth county SPCA, a surprise awaited in the first cage: Reckless.

The family is finally reunited, and we hope they can return to their home soon.

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