Sunshine story: Hero cats protect their owners

There are many amazing stories about dogs saving people from everything from house fires to traffic accidents. Cats are more rarely featured in such news. Smudge is a hero cat who shows that cats do care about us, probably more than we know.

Smudge’s owner is Ethan; a five year old boy. Ethan played in the yard with his little brother when three other kids started picking on him, taunting him. His mother saw them from the house, and saw Ethan trying to ignore them.  One of the bullies pushed him to the ground and Ethan’s mom ran for the outside, but Smudge beat her to it.

The cat flew out from under the car and jumped on the bully’s chest. The boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears, and fled. Ever since then, Smudge sleeps by Ethan’s bedroom door, keeping guard.

Slinky Malinki is another hero cat who recently saved his owner. Slinky’s mom has a back problem and was prescribed morphine. No one knew that she had a strong reaction to the drug, and drifted in and out of consciousness for days.

Slinky did his best to get the neighbors’ attention. He tormented their dog and tapped on their windows until they realized something was wrong. Ever since, Slinky keeps a close eye on his human. If he doesn’t see her for a couple of hours he’ll go find her, and tap on her arm until she responds.

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