Ice does not cause bloat in dogs

Ice does not cause bloat in dogsBloat is a dangerous condition caused by a dog or cat eating too fast, sucking in air with their food or water. If this happens, the dog needs to see a vet immediately and might need emergency surgery.

Many people believe that ice or ice water causes bloat in dogs, and this is caused by blog posts and images going viral on Facebook and other social media platforms a couple of years ago.

The important thing to know is that ice does not cause bloat. Drinking or eating too quickly causes bloat.

If a dog slurps down ice water on a hot day, it’s easy to get a connection between the ice and the bloat, but it’s the speed of eating or drinking that’s the culprit.

When a dog is hot and thirsty, portion out water. Don’t let them drink too much at once. If a dog eats very quickly, portion out their food on several small meals during the day. Also, dogs who eat or drink quickly should avoid exercise for at least an hour after eating.

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