Keep your pets safe during the holiday celebrations

Girl and dogHappy 4th of July! This is a wonderful holiday, and here are some tips to keep your family together. Everyone should be happy and safe, right!

With 4th of July comes celebrations, fireworks, and firecrackers. While all this can be great fun for humans, pets are generally less impressed. They don’t associate the flashes, noise, and smell of fireworks with something happy; most pets are very afraid of fireworks and many panic and run.

Every year on July 5th, animal shelters drown in pets that panicked and fled. They can’t find their way home, many are injured, and some die.

During holidays such as 4th of July, keep your pets inside, and keep an eye on them every time someone opens a door to the outside.

They might bolt through a crack in the door. Even if your dog is used to hanging out in the yard on their own, keep them indoors. They can hurt themselves, break restraints, and jump fences in an attempt to find safety from the scary bangs.

Naturally, don’t leave your pet in the car, and don’t bring them the fireworks displays.

Make sure your pet has proper ID. They should carry a tag with their name and your phone number, and they should be microchipped.

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