Make your dog’s bed the best spot in the world

Sleeping puppy Some dogs are always on the go. Physical and mental exercise are the best ways to keep a dog occupied and stimulated, but it is possible to train a more relaxed behavior even when you’re not directly playing or training.

It is a good idea to give your dog a spot of their own. This can be a doggy bed, the crate, or other suitable place. Odds are your dog will appreciate a snuggly place with a comfortable bed, but this might not be enough to make it the best spot in the world.

Leave a treat in this special spot at random times through the day. Your dog will discover them eventually, and this makes the bed one of the most interesting places in the house.

It is also a great idea to stop by with a treat every now and then when the dog rests on the bed. If your dog loves to be petted, make a point out of noticing when she’s on her bed, and give some extra attention. Unless she’s really sleeping, of course.

It might take a little time before your dog figures it out, but keep sending the message that resting on the bed makes good things happen. It is much easier to handle a dog who begs for attention and goodies through resting than one who jumps and barks.

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