Missing police dogs found

Photo belongs to Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Photo belongs to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Late May, someone released thirteen police dogs from a kennel in Douglas County, Colorado. Ten of them were found quickly, but three have been missing for quite some time. 

The first of the missing three was found on June 2nd, around 10 miles from the kennel, and since it was only a couple of days after the disappearance he was in pretty good shape.

The second dog, Alonso, was found tied to a fence Thursday, severely dehydrated and around 20 lbs underweight. Alonso apparently spent most of the week tied to the fence with no food or water in the summer heat. He will be okay, but was found in the nick of time.

The last dog, Dux, was found in an abandoned house. He is underweight, but otherwise unscathed from the adventure.

At the moment, no arrests have been made and it is uncertain why the dogs were taken.

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