New bill will protect Philadelphia’s pets

Don't leave your pets outside on hot daysA new bill is close to changing lives for many Philadelphia dogs and cats. It will soon be illegal to leave animals outside in extreme weather, and disobedient owners will face fines.

Dogs have less ability to handle heat and cold than humans do, but many dog owners still believe it’s okay to leave their pooch outside in scorching heat or freezing cold. The bill is intended to give legal protection, but also to raise awareness amongst pet owners.

When the bill passes it will be illegal to leave a pet outside in temperatures exceeding 85 F, in temperatures below 32 F, or in sleet, snow or wind that can threaten the safety and health of an animal. It is still allowed to take animals outside for brief walks and exercise, but dogs cannot be left in doghouses.

Many believe a dog house offers protection from the element, but in cold days, the inside of a dog house might be even colder than the surrounding world, and in hot days, the dog house can serve as an oven.

A dog door can be an elegant solution to the problem of being away long hours at work, allowing the pet to go in and out as required. Many worry about drafts and snow entering the house in winter, and losing air conditioning in summer, but modern pet doors such as the PlexiDor dog doors and cat door insulate very well.

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