Pets are good for the health

There are many health benefits to petsEveryone with a cat or dog knows they’re great company. Many pet owners see their furry friends as family members, and they make great snuggle-buddies. Did you know that they add other health benefits to human lives?

Cats and dogs protect children against developing allergies

This is particularly true for cats. A child under the age of one living with two or more cats or dogs has a smaller risk of developing allergies as he or she grows up. Living with pets is good for the human immune system.

Cats and dogs reduce stress in our lives

Petting a cat or dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and help humans relax. Pets have a knack for knowing when they’re needed, and even the most elusive kitty tends to show up when their human needs a friendly ear. Pet owners also adapt better to stressful situation than people without pets. And if anyone doubts the benefit of a dog, consider all the therapy and emotional support dogs that help people cope with everything from depression to post traumatic stress disorder.

Dogs keep us fit

The average American without a dog moves significantly less than the average dog owner. Daily walks, exercising, and playing with a dog helps us stay in shape, keep a healthy weight, and lessens the risk for health problems.

Pets give healthy hearts

The American Heart Association recently reported that pets help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Pet owners who suffer a heart attack recover quickly than people without pets. They also help lower cholesterol.

Pets improve our social lives

Walking a dog inspires conversations with other pet owners, neighbors, and strangers out for a stroll. Meeting new people and getting to know those around us battles isolation, loneliness, and depression.


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