Rescue dog tracks exotic species

Ten years ago black lab Tucker wandered the streets alone, afraid, and hungry. His prospects for the future were not bright; he was close to becoming one of the millions of homeless pets that die in shelters every year. Luckily for Tucker, he ended up with Conservation Canines, a unit of the University of Washington that employs dogs.

Tucker has an extraordinary sense of smell, and exemplary work ethic, and turned out to be very good at tracking scents so vague a human would never detect them. He has followed his handler all over the world, tracking Iguanas in the tropics, bats in old forests, and caribou in the arctic where he had to wear special boots and neoprene cape to withstand the cold. He can also track whales on light scents carried over water.

Tucker’s kennel mate Sadie went on a four month safari to Cambodia and helped determine how many tigers are left in two national forests.

Read more about Tucker in the Wall Street Journal

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