Secrets your pets wish they could tell you

shutterstock_1519023_catanddogIf cats and dogs could speak, they’d probably give us some hints on things we can do better. Cat and dog owners do their best, but it would be easier if our loved furry friends could give us some hints. Here are some examples on areas where we could improve.

Many cat-owners play with a laser pointer. Have you noticed your cat might seem frustrated after the game? Cats live to hunt, and if you end the game with pointing at an actual toy, the cat might get to “catch and kill” it.

Many dog owners get frustrated with their pooches during walkie-time – it’s difficult for a human to understand why the dog must walk around in circles before doing its business. Especially frustrating when it’s cold or raining, right! Dogs have an instinct to be aligned with the earth’s magnetic field before they do what they need to. Science have yet to figure out why.

Too much nap time can affect a pet’s personality. Many behavioral problems can be solved by taking a longer walk or giving some more play time.

All dog food is the same, right? Not really. There is special food for puppies, enforced with the nutrition a growing body needs. There is also special food for seniors, formulated to keep old dogs healthy.

Subtle changes in a pet’s behavior might mean it’s time to go to the vet. They can’t tell us how they’re feeling, and both cats and dogs are experts at hiding illness. Watch out for changes such as eating slower, drinking more, or getting tired quicker than usual. It might be time for a check-up.

And, if your dog isn’t paying attention during training, you might want to switch treats. Find something moist, icky, and smelly. Like, a piece of rotisserie chicken.

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