Service dogs have access

Service dogs have access to all places open to the public. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, they are not required to wear a special vest or collar, even though many choose to give service dogs special vests.

Keeping this in mind, it’s not a big surprise that a Walgreens store in North Texas recently made the news when the manager kicked out a war veteran and his service dog. The war veteran showed the dog’s special tag and ID card, but the manager still didn’t accept their presence.

A business can ask if a dog is a service dog and what it is trained to do.

A business cannot ask a service dog and/or owner to leave as long as the dog is behaving.

Many  people depend on dogs trained to do everything from retrieving objects to detecting upcoming seizures, and these dogs make important contribution to their humans’ lives.

If you see a service dog, do not approach, try to pet it, insist that your children get to pet it, or talk to it. The dog is working and doesn’t need distractions.

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