Some dogs can’t swim

Many believe that all dogs can swim, but it’s not entirely true. While dogs will do the paddle when they find themselves in water, some breeds are physically unable to keep themselves afloat.

The Landseer is a great swimmer

Breeds with heavy, large chests and short muzzles are often very bad swimmers. Best case scenario they can wear a life-vest and splash around in shallow water under careful supervision. Worst case scenario, some breeds can’t even do that. Bulldogs cannot swim, no matter how much they try to paddle. Trying to make them swim is cruel; they will drown.

Some breeds are created for swimming. The Labrador Retriever even has webbed feet. That doesn’t mean that every Labrador loves water.

Going back to the Bulldog, many rescues and breeders require home checks to ensure ponds and pools are fenced off. If you have a Bulldog and open water, it is a good idea to install an emergency monitor that will alert if something breaks the water surface.

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