Spanish poo detectives

As several “scoop the poop” campaigns around the US have pointed out, it’s a bad idea to leave dog poop on the ground. Despite scented poop bags, poop vacuum cleaners and poop-scooping services, there’s still an abundance of dog droppings in yards, parks, and along city streets. 

This byproduct of dog owning spreads germs, pollutes water supplies, and releases unwanted substances into the ground. In the small Spanish time Colmenar Viejo, the mayor’s office has tired of residents ignoring signs and information campaigns. They’re hiring professional Canine Detectives.

The detectives will film culprits and hand the evidence over to the police along with a report. Fines are up to 150 euros ($200) with higher penalties for repeat offenders. Before the detectives start working full time on filming dog walkers, hired actors will imitate the detective behavior in order to inform citizens of the campaign.

The campaign is initiated because of health concerns. The city says most of the dog owners are responsible, but a minority destroy the environment for everyone, leaving piles of poop not just along the street but at schools and children’s playgrounds.

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