Summer safety tips for pets

Most Chinese Crested require a medium PlexiDor dog door, but small individuals can get by with a small PlexiDor dog door
Hairless breeds such as Chinese Crested need to use sunscreen in summer. Be careful not to use human products as they can be toxic to dogs.

With summertime, holidays, and nice weather comes barbecues and other outdoors activities. It’s great to have pets join in, and some easy precautions can make the season safer for them.

Mosquitos are not just annoying; they’re dangerous. Dogs and cats should be on proper heart worm preventatives. Pets can get West Nile virus that is transmitted from mosquitos, and even if the disease generally isn’t deadly to them it’s still unpleasant. There is special insect repellents for pets. Never use insect repellents meant for humans on a pet.

Many use citronella-baed insect repellants, such as candles, oils, and similar. While these are great for keeping bugs away, they should be at a distance from pets. Inhaling the smoke can lead to pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. A pet accidentally eating them can harm their nervous system.

Pets can get overhead and/or get sunburn, and on hot days they should be indoors or at least in the shade. If your pet is with you in the sun, make sure they’re not overheating. Some breeds, such as Chinese Crested and other hairless dogs, have extra sensitive skin and should wear sunblock. Never use sunblock intended for humans; many kinds are toxic to dogs.

Never give pets alcoholic beverages. Even beer is toxic to them. Allowing a dog to drink beer or anything else with alcohol can lead to coma and in worst case scenario death.

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