Sunshine story: Joanie and Chachi

Joanie and Chachi
Image from the Huffington Post

A couple of weeks ago, animal control officers in Savannah, Georgia picked up an unusual pair. Joanie the pit bull carried Chachi the Chihuahua in her mouth. Joanie would put her friend down from time to time to lick the Chihuahua’s infected eye.

Animals can be be devoted, and Joanie carried her injured friend to safety. The dogs are so close the shelter staff call them soul mates.

Despite Joanie’s best efforts, veterinarians had to remove Chachi’s eye and the two had to live separated while he healed, but shelter staff made sure to give them together-time every day.  Neither of them care about other dogs; only each other.

Savannah police hoped the owners would come forward as the dogs got publicity. No one claimed them and the shelter put out pleas for an adopter, hoping the dogs could find a new home together.

The dream is coming true: the couple move to Florida some time this month. We love a story with a happy ending!

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