Sunshine story: Lady gets a new life

Lady is an elderly black lab who suffers arthritis. She ended up in a shelter in 2012 when her owner died, but she was adopted and everything seemed to work out okay. That is, until her new owners got another dog. Lady was promptly back at the shelter.

She wouldn’t have any of that. She walked 30 miles home to her family. Not a small feat since her arthritis make walking difficult. Unfortunately, they rejected her once more.

This could have been the end for Lady, but one of the volunteers posted about her on Facebook, and the heartbreaking story spread over the Internet all the way to Helen Rich, heiress to the Wrigley chewing-gum fortune. Ms Rich has had some hard turns in life herself and could sympathize with Lady. She promptly sent a private jet to pick up the dog!

Now Lady lives with Helen on a farm with seven other rescue dogs. Helen is also involved in the On the Wings of Angels initiative, helping innumerable dogs find homes.

Helen Rich and Lady
Helen Rich and Lady, image from the “On the Wings of Angels” Facebook page.

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