PlexiDor Pet Doors visited BarkWorld 2013.

PlexiDor booth at BarkWorld 2013BarkWorld Expo is a yearly event held in Atlanta, GA, and the city greeted visitors with sunshine and friendly people. This year’s conference took place at the Westin Buckhead, and the hotel had prepared with water bowls in strategic places as well as a huge basket of dog treats.

The PlexiDor booth showed the medium and large dog doors, and visitors were treated to the 2014 PlexiDor calendar. One of the high points of the conference was a mascot attempting to crawl through the door. The costume head was too big for the large door, but with an extra large he might have made it. Visitors appreciate the tough panels that never need replacement, the added security through lock and key, and the steel security plate. A large number of visitors also showed interest in mounting a PlexiDor pet door in glass.

Amongst notable guests were Norman the Scooter Dog – world record holder – who showed off his abilities to ride a scooter and a bike, famous dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, and Matt Silverman from Mashable. The program contained a tight schedule with useful information for both bloggers and brands. Other activities included baking for dogs and painting dog bowls. Who knew painting a bowl could be so difficult?

Besides PlexiDor Pet Doors, a number of brands were represented. Some examples are BePawsitive, who offers pet lovers an opportunity to gladden not only their own pets, but also those in shelters. The company sells dog treats, and for every box bought, one is donated to a shelter. Natural Balance were present, offering samples and a contest. Petbrosia makes pet food tailored to each pet’s unique needs; owners supply information about the pet such as breed, weight, energy level, and allergies, and the company makes food with the ultimate blend for the pet! Another interesting company is TagaPet, who offers a way to track pets through QR codes, no monthly subscription needed.

The conference was a good experience, and we look forward to returning in 2014.

The BarkWorld mascot might have needed a larger door

The BarkWorld mascot might have needed a bigger door…

PlexiDor Pet Doors will be at the 2013 BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta, August 22-24.

BarkWorld Expo is the national pet social media conference, established in 2009. The conference covers social media, lifestyle, and technology as it applies to pet owners and pet businesses. Pets are welcome, but they must be leashed outside the off leash play areas, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and cannot enter the restaurants. There is doggy daycare available.

Of the BarkWorld attendees, it is estimated that:

  • 78% have a profile for a pet on social media
  • 85% have a presence on Twitter/ Facebook
  • 48% are bloggers

Most of the visitors come from the continental US, but other areas represented include Canada, Israel, Trinidad, and the United Kingdom.

Amongst the speakers this year are celebrities such as Victoria Stilwell, and the program is crammed full with everything from dog treat cooking to ways to generate press for a blog.

PlexiDors will be at booth 3 in the exhibit hall, which opens at 8:30 on Friday and Saturday. Visitors will be able to see and try the dog doors, and receive information on how a PlexiDor pet door can make life easier for people as well as pets.

The conference takes place at the Westin Buckhead hotel in Atlanta.