Australian cat bumps up house price

Real estate agents see and hear a lot of things, but Australian cat Tiffany might still be something new. Or rather, the commotion around her. 

Tiffany’s owners sold their home on an auction, and the top bid came in at $2,060,000 Australian. The top bidders had an unusual request; their daughter fell in love with Tiffany when touring the house and they offered to raise their bid with $140,000 Australian if Tiffany would come with the house.

The owner’s 19 year old son is not happy about losing his pet. Thus far, Tiffany herself hasn’t voiced an opinion.

Pizza-baking cats?

It’s hard to resist pizza, and even harder to resist cats. So, why not combine the two in an advertising campaign? That’s just what Pizza Hut in Japan did, presenting a web series called Pizza Cat where all pizza is made by cats.

Stars of the show are Tencho, Hime, Dora, and Detch – four kitties wearing red caps and scarves. Cats are a big deal in Japan, where cat cafés pop up all over  to allow patrons to watch and pet cats even if they can’t have one of their own.

The Pizza Hut cats are also popular, but they don’t seem to have the delivery completely down:


In this episode, it’s time to clean the restaurant. Watching a cat ride an automatic vacuum is surprisingly relaxing.



Would you like a cat with your new home?

In Russia it’s considered good luck if a cat enters a new home ahead of the owners. It’s a nice tradition, and cats with their keen senses can probably say more about a building than humans, so the Russians might be on to something.

Now Russia’s biggest bank – Sberbank – attempts to take advantage of the tradition through an unusual promotional campaign: the bank offers to deliver a cat to the doorstep of new mortgage clients. The campaign is limited to the thirty first new mortgages, and CNN reports that a few customers already signed up.

Friends of cats might worry that everyone who buys a home isn’t cut out to be a cat owner, but that shouldn’t be a problem – the cats are only on loan for a couple of hours.

Bank customers can choose from ten cats with different breeds, and The Financial Brand reports the cats belong to bank employees. On the big day, a branded van with a giant cat logo comes to deliver the pet.

The bank says, “Order a cat for your housewarming and bring happiness and luck to your home.” It is unknown what happens if the cat refuses to enter the house…

The video below is in Russian, but expresses the sentiment of the campaign even without understanding the language, and who can resist watching cats?


Dog drove owner to the store?

Police officers have probably heard it all, but a Georgia Sheriff was served a new story when he rescued a dog from a hot car the other day. According to Fox 6 Now, Sheriff Sgt. Partain responded to a call about a dog locked in a car, rescued the pup, and went to look for the owner. 

The car’s driver was highly intoxicated, and claimed the dog had driven him to the store to buy corn. Supposedly the pooch waited patiently to drive him back home again. The man was arrested and has been charged with animal cruelty as well as driving under the influence, and the dog is resting with animal control.

Moral of the story? Police officers do not give points for creativity. And, as comical as this story might seem, don’t leave pets or children in cars.