Most popular dog and cat names in 2013

The list of most popular puppy and kitten names in 2013 was recently released by The list is based on 925,000 puppies and 425,000 kittens.

Bella is the most popular name for female cats and dogs. This is the eight year in a row it tops the puppy list, and the seventh year in a row it is number one for kittens.

For boy dogs, Max is the most popular name, also for the eight year in a row. When it comes to kittens, Max kept the top position for five consecutive years, but was poked down by Oliver.

Here is the top ten list!

 Female puppy names  Male puppy names Female kitten names Male kitten
 Bella  Max  Bella  Oliver
 Daisy  Buddy  Lucy  Max
 Lucy  Charlie  Kitty  Tiger
 Molly  Rocky  Luna  Charlie
 Sadie  Cooper  Chloe  Simba
 Sophie  Duke  Molly  Milo
 Lola  Bear  Lily  Smokey
 Chloe  Jack  Sophie  Leo
 Zoey  Bentley  Nala  Jack
 Maggie  Toby  Daisy  Kitty