PlexiDor pet doors visited the PIJAC Western Pet Expo in Canada

PIJAC stands for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. PIJAC Canada is a non-profit dedicated to representing the Canadian pet industry, and to the highest level of pet care. Each year the organization arranges a number of trade shows and events around the country, and PlexiDor pet doors visited the Western Pet Expo that took place in Richmond, BC, May 4 to 5 2014.

The Western Pet Expo is a huge 2-day event, and it is British Columbia’s only all inclusive pet industry trade show. The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are well suited for harsh climates, and stand up to the Canadian winters. It is difficult to find products that will keep cold, rain, snow, and wind outside, but the PlexiDor poses an effective barrier to the elements. It also keeps summer flies and other nuisances outside.

There is a Canadian area on the PlexiDor website, and the product catalog is available for viewing and download in French for those who prefer that language. The doors can be seen in stores all over the country.

Over 50 percent of Canadian households have at least one cat or dog. There are almost 8 million cats and 6 million dogs in the country.

PlexiDor pet doors visited the PIJAC show in British Columbia

Pictured left to right: 

Tamara Webster / Triton Sales Representative
Nicole Scheming / Owner Triton Animal Supplies
Robert Wollet / PlexiDor Sales Manager
Hardy Scheming / Owner Triton Animal Supplies
Judy Muirhead / Triton Sales Representative
Jessica Aldridge / Triton Sales Representative