The Majestic Pallas Cat

Pallas cat image from WikipediaThe Pallas cat isn’t your average house cat; these furry felines are native to the steppe regions of Central Asia where they live on high altitudes. They are solitary and spend their days in caves or rock crevices, coming out to hunt in the late afternoon. The Pallas cat is rare and doesn’t do well in captivity.

No one knew there were Pallas cats in Nepal until researchers stumbled over them when looking for snow leopards high in the Himalayan mountains. They saw something scurry away that looked like half house cat and half snow leopard.

Now they’ve been recorded in the wild for the first time, by camera traps 14,000 feet above sea level. Turns out they’re smarter than we gave them credit for. At least one Pallas cat discovered the camera trap and went to investigate.

Cheetah and dog are best buddies at Dallas zoo

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A cheetah and a dog might not be the first combination that comes to mind when thinking about animal friends, but at Dallas zoo, Winspear the Cheetah and Amani the black Lab are best friends. A few days ago they celebrated their first birthday – they are born just two days apart and have been raised together.

Labradors are generally cheerful, outgoing, and curious. Amani is not an exception, and his personality is a polar opposite to the shy and cautious cheetah. Their handlers say this is part of the winning formula.

Amani’s outgoing personality makes Winspear feel confident and safe, and together they travel to schools, hospitals, and other events to educate people about wildlife.

For their birthday celebration, they got a 200 pound popsicle created by zoo nutrition specialists. It contained canned milk, low-sodium chicken broth, and ice.