Why do dogs like to walk around before lying down?

XoloitzcuintliEveryone who knows a dog has seen the bedding dance; walking around and around before lying down with a contented sigh. Ever wonder why they do that?

Humans and dogs have  a lot in common. Both species like to be comfortable. The walking around in circles doesn’t seem to make much sense on a doggie bed or carpeted floor, but a long time ago dogs made little nests for themselves through stomping the grass. It exposed the cooler ground below the grass, and marked the area with the dog’s scent, signaling to others that the place was claimed.

Today, some dogs still do the circle dance, but others can be much  more particular with their sleeping area. Some want all their toys near, and others don’t like to sleep without their favorite blanket or towel. It’s like a human being uncomfortable when the pillow is wrong.

Having the sleeping area just the way they want it helps the dogs feel secure and comfortable. Removing a favorite piece of bedding can in extreme cases make a dog anxious and unable to relax.

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