Winners of the 2014 PlexiDor dog food contest

We got many wonderful entries to the 2014 PlexiDor dog food contest, and three winners have been drawn from the submissions. Don’t lose hope if you didn’t win this time – the contest is likely to return in 2015.

Third Prize of a $25 Dunkin Donuts gift card goes to: Tiffany Hughes in Arizona.

When asked what she thinks about the PlexiDor she answered, “The PlexiDoor sounds incredible and we would love to have one! With the varying temperatures in Southern AZ (very hot during the day and cool at night), it would be great to have a doggie door that helps regulate the internal temperature of the house without letting the outside temperature interfere. Our last plastic doggie door flap at our old house completely broke and though we tried taping it back on with duck tape and plastic tape, it was a futile battle and it ended up as a gaping hole.”

Second Prize of a $50 Dunkin Donuts gift card goes to: Sean Selman in Texas.

When asked what he thinks of the PlexiDor, Sean answered, “Professionally engineered. Quality materials. Quiet. Energy-efficient. Completely secure. Long-lasting. Safe. Easy for pets to use. COOL FACT: Plexidor doggie doors are in Marmaduke. The Plexidor dog door is the door featured in Marmaduke when he moves to California. Last but not least! They are manufactured in the U.S.A.!!!”

First Prize of 1,000 pounds of Black Gold Dog Food with delivery goes to: Penny Hamilton in Colorado.

When asked what she thinks about the PlexiDor, Penny says, “Our dog and we love the freedom that our pet doors gives. We live in Colorado high mountains so we made an ‘airlock’ with two pet doors. Our smart dog, rescued from a high kill area, just bounds through ‘his’ pet doors to our elevated deck with is elevated to keep him safe from mountain lions, bears and other mountain critters.”


Congratulations to all the winners, and a warm Thank You to everyone who participated! 

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