World’s rarest breed sings

The New Guinea Singing Dog has been called a living, breathing, furry, and four-legged fossil. This breed is believed to be the rarest in the world and was local to New Guinea until 1957 when the first dogs left the island.

Besides being rare, the dogs are also primitive in the sense that they were separated from all other dog breeds thousands – maybe even tens of thousands – years ago, and have developed virtually undisturbed.

The dogs have adapted well to living as pets. They are agile, active, graceful, and alert. They are known to be affectionate with people they know, and they are both curious and clever. Being so close to the wild, they also have a strong hunting instinct, and they require a lot of exercise. They can climb trees, jump, and dig, so any yard must be very well secured.

So, what’s with the singing?

The name comes from their melodious and distinctive howl. These dogs have a dramatic ability to vary the pitch. If they howl in a group, all the dogs will strike a different pitch. It sounds like a choir! They don’t bark a lot, but are still quite vocal.

If you want to learn more bout the breed, visit the New Guinea Singing Dog International website here.


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