Cattle dog watches over disabled kitten

Ralphee is an adorable kitten with feline cerebellar hypoplasia. Those big words translate into, “neurological disorder that affects motor skills.” It shows in jerky and uncoordinated movements.

Many cats with this condition falls often and has trouble walking. They also suffer tremors. The condition can come from a bacterial or viral infection, malnutrition, poisoning, injury, or an accident. The cat can learn to compensate for the disease, and can live a fairly normal life with a normal life span.

When it comes to Ralphee, he is lucky. He was rescued from a horse stable, and now he has his very own cattle dog to look after him. Love and caring really spans the species. Ralphee might not have the physical grace of many other kittens, but he is cute as a button, healthy, and filled with mischief.


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