How do I change the flap on a PlexiDor dog door?

Many pet door owners are used to replacing their dog door flaps once a year or even more often. Good news: the PlexiDor works on a completely different system that doesn’t use flaps. You will never have to replace the flap on a PlexiDor pet door!

Panel detailThe PlexiDor has see-through panels made from a special material called K9 COMPOSITE™. It is very sturdy, similar to that used in airplane windshields. The PlexiDor small – designed for cats and small dogs – has a single panel and the other pet door sizes two panels that open like a saloon-style door. Many pets love using the door as a window to the outside, and pets who are afraid of using a flap door often do very well with a PlexiDor, since they can see what’s on the other side.

The panels stand up to weather and to dogs running in and out all day long, every day. If you have a large dog who likes to chew on things, you may want to consider the PlexiDor extra large – this size door has a chew-proof trim around the panels.

Flap doors usually work through gravity; the pet pushes the flap open and it falls down. This doesn’t work on a saloon-style design, and there are springs concealed in the frame that will pull the panels closed once the pet is through.

There are many other differences between a PlexiDor and a regular flap door. This article gives a good overview.

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