Store employees make home make wheelchair for paralyzed dog

Wally is a Tampa Bay rat terrier who recently suffered a stint of bad luck. His human, Rebecca Pierce, dropped him off at their vet’s kennel service for a quick trip out of town, and came back to find Wally’s back legs paralyzed.

The vet believes Wally has a herniated disc in his spine, and poor Wally uses his front paws to get around, dragging his legs behind him.

Clearly, Wally needed help while the vet worked on figuring out both what happened and whether the condition can be reversed. Pierce saw videos of people making their own pet wheelchairs, and brought Wally to Home Depot, hoping to find material to build something for her pup.

Little did she expect to meet guardian angels dressed in orange aprons: two of the store employees spent hours building a perfect wheelchair. To make things even better, the store management decided to cover the cost.

Wally is seeing a doggie chiropractor and he is regaining strength in his legs, but it will take a while for him to walk again.

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