Five of the world’s largest dog breeds

Many like small dog breeds, because they are convenient. A small dog doesn’t require as much space as a big dog, smaller dogs eat less than big ones, and so on. But, there is something special about the gigantic dogs, like Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, and Mastiffs. Here is a list with five of the world’s largest dog breeds.

The Irish Wolfhound

An Irish Wolfhound requires an extra large PlexiDor dog door This is a friendly giant. The breed is not currently record holder for world’s tallest dog, but if one were to take an average of individuals in a breed they would be the tallest. They are excessively friendly towards people and don’t do good jobs as guard dogs. If a burglar were to enter the house and carry off some things the Irish Wolfhound would probably consider the intruder a new best friend. However, if the family is physically attacked, an Irish Wolfhound will defend its people.

They are patient and generally good with children. While they take to urban living pretty well, they require a lot of exercise.

The Great Dane

A Great Dane needs an extra large dog door
A Great Dane currently holds the position of world’s tallest dog. They are generally very friendly and get along with people, other dogs, and other types of pets. Great Danes are strong, elegant, friendly, and energetic. The earliest drawings resembling the breed stem back to around 3,000 BC, and the oldest written description of them can be found in literature of 1121 BC.

The English Mastiff

An English Mastiff requires an extra large PlexiDor dog door The Great Dane and Irish Wolfhound might compete about being the tallest dogs on the planet, but the English Mastiff is definitely the heaviest. A male can weigh up to 250 lbs, and the breed is considered the oldest in the UK.

English Mastiffs make wonderful and devoted pets. They are generally very good with children and other dogs, but they tend to be lazy and needs to be activated in order to get enough exercise.

The Leonberger

A Leonberger requires an extra large PlexiDor dog door. The Leonberger is extremely popular in Europe, maybe a bit less so in the USA. They are even-tempered, unfazed by most things, and become deeply attached to their humans. They are also very agile for their size, and require lots of exercise.

Leonbergers can be very energetic when they grow up, but generally settle down around the age of three and becomes gentle giants.

The Scottish Deerhound

A Scottish Deerhound requires an extra large PlexiDor dog door This is the least commonly known breed on the list, and looks somewhat like a long-haired greyhound. The history of the breed has been traced back to pre-Roman times, and they are very popular in their home country.

A Scottish Deerhound is about the friendliest animal on the planet. They are eager to please, gentle, and loving. However, they get bored easily and require plenty of exercise and something to do. They are happiest in pairs, and keeping two together can alleviate many of the boredom problems.


Can a giant dog have a dog door?

Absolutely. There is a PlexiDor dog door for even very big dogs.

The extra large PlexiDor is constructed to stand up to these large and powerful dogs, even if they go through the door at a full run. The dog door handles dogs approximately up to 220 lbs. If you’re in doubt, contact customer service and they will be happy to help you pick the right solution for your needs

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