PlexiDor featured in Sarasota Pet

Sarasota Pet The PlexiDor Extra Large was recently featured in Sarasota Pet, a Florida magazine for pet lovers. 

The extra large PlexiDor dog door accommodates the largest dog breeds, such as Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, and St Bernards. It is usually difficult to find dog doors large enough for these breeds, and the dog doors must be very sturdy to stand up to a dog this size hitting it at a run.

The PlexiDor dog doors are perfect for very large breeds since the hardened aluminum frame won’t bend, warp, crack, or rust.

The panels are made from the same specially formulated K9 Composit as on the smaller size PlexiDor pet doors, but on the extra large each panel is lined by a chew proof aluminum trim that also provides extra strength to the door.

Silver XL door unit

In the article, sales manager Robert Wollet mentions, “The PlexiDor extra large dog door was one of the most challenging sizes we have ever tackled. First, we have to gain an understanding of the sheer power these extra large dogs can generate.”

The PlexiDor pet doors can be mounted into a standard household door or through a wall. They are available in three frame colors; silver, white, and bronze. Every door comes equipped with a lock and key, and a steel security plate.

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