PlexiDor Pet Doors at UKC Premiere 2014

PlexiDor Pet Doors at UKC Premiere in Kalamazoo 2014PlexiDor Pet Doors recently visited the 2014 UKC Premiere show in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The UKC, or United Kennel Club, was founded in 1898 and is the largest all-breed performance dog registry in the world. UKC registers dogs from all 50 states as well as 25 other countries.

Many clubs only accept pure-bred dogs with pedigree, but UKC has an inclusive policy and strives to provide shows where all dogs can participate. There is a purebred dog registry, but also a program open to mixed breeds and purebreds who for some reason don’t fit into the regular purebred registry. They might have a “fault” that excludes them from the breed standard, or be of unknown pedigree.

PlexiDor pet doors go to the Premiere event every year and give away 10 dog doors as prizes. It’s a fun event for us, because previous years’ winners often come by to tell us their experiences with the doors. This year is noteworthy; it’s the first time the same dog has won two doors!

Congratulations to all the winners. We hope to see you at the show in 2015!

Courage won a PlexiDor dog door
Courage won a PlexiDor dog door for Rally National Champion.


Lee Anne Layman won a door in 2011 and stopped by to tell us that she loves it.
Lee Anne Layman won a door in 2011 and stopped by to tell us that she loves it.
Toby, winner of two doors!
Uhrach4 Roseview Changin’ my Star – or Toby as he is also called – is the first dog ever two win two doors at one show.
Here is Toby with his owners, Kim Charles and Bruce Winter.
Here is Toby with his owners, Kim Charles and Bruce Winter.


PlexiDors visited Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany

PlexiDor pet doors presented dog doors and cat doors at Interzoo in Germany.Late May, PlexiDor pet doors traveled to Interzoo in Nuremberg, Germany to show the dog doors and cat door.

Interzoo is the world’s largest trade fair for the international pet supplies industry and it only takes place every second year. Around 1,700 exhibitors from over 50 countries showed the latest products for pets.

The show started in 1950 when four member companies presented their new products on pasting tables during the annual conference of the German Pet Trade and Industry Association. This year’s show saw over 37,000 visitors from over 120 countries.

The next Interzoo exhibition will take place May 26-29 in 2016.

PlexiDor pet doors presented dog doors and cat doors at Interzoo in Germany.
You can see the PlexiDor pet doors in the middle of the booth
PlexiDor pet doors presented dog doors and cat doors at Interzoo in Germany.
Display with two PlexiDor cat doors and one PlexiDor dog door.
PlexiDor pet doors presented dog doors and cat doors at Interzoo in Germany.
Many visitors came by to see the cat doors and dog doors on display.

PlexiDors mentioned on

PD mediumA new article on the Pet Business website mentions how pet products must be both effective and attractive; pet parents want products that work for their pets and complement the living environment. This applies to everything from food and water bowls matching the kitchen decor to pet doors.

The article interviews Joseph Ambrose, president of PlexiDor Pet Doors. He says, “Looks are important for dog doors too” and mentions that the frames on the PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are made from aluminum and available in white, silver, or bronze.

Mr. Ambrose also says, “It [the door] has to match the quality of their kitchen or their family room. People do not want paint that can be scraped off.”

The article goes on to mention how people also do not want other animals than their own to enter the house. “PlexiDor also offers the PDE Electronic Pet Door, which opens only when it reads the RFID on the pet’s collar. That way cats stay in, wildlife and svelte burglars stay out, and dogs come and go as they please. In addition, the wind cannot open the hardened acrylic door the way it might blow open a polyvinyl flap door. Also new from PlexiDor is a rain awning.”

To read the entire article, follow this link.

PlexiDor pet doors visited the PIJAC Western Pet Expo in Canada

PIJAC stands for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. PIJAC Canada is a non-profit dedicated to representing the Canadian pet industry, and to the highest level of pet care. Each year the organization arranges a number of trade shows and events around the country, and PlexiDor pet doors visited the Western Pet Expo that took place in Richmond, BC, May 4 to 5 2014.

The Western Pet Expo is a huge 2-day event, and it is British Columbia’s only all inclusive pet industry trade show. The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door are well suited for harsh climates, and stand up to the Canadian winters. It is difficult to find products that will keep cold, rain, snow, and wind outside, but the PlexiDor poses an effective barrier to the elements. It also keeps summer flies and other nuisances outside.

There is a Canadian area on the PlexiDor website, and the product catalog is available for viewing and download in French for those who prefer that language. The doors can be seen in stores all over the country.

Over 50 percent of Canadian households have at least one cat or dog. There are almost 8 million cats and 6 million dogs in the country.

PlexiDor pet doors visited the PIJAC show in British Columbia

Pictured left to right: 

Tamara Webster / Triton Sales Representative
Nicole Scheming / Owner Triton Animal Supplies
Robert Wollet / PlexiDor Sales Manager
Hardy Scheming / Owner Triton Animal Supplies
Judy Muirhead / Triton Sales Representative
Jessica Aldridge / Triton Sales Representative

Common questions about the PlexiDor Electronic

Questions about the PlexiDor Electronic pet doorMany people are curious about the electronic pet doors. Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

Q: What is an electronic pet door? 
A: Electronic pet doors open when a pet with a collar key comes close enough to trigger it. In some doors the key releases the catch on the door so the pet can push it open. When it comes to the PlexiDor Electronic pet door, the cat or dog has an RF-ID key on the collar, and the door opens automatically when the key comes into range.

Q: What if one of my neighbors has an electronic dog door just like this one?
A: There are thousands of key codes, and the door will be programmed to open to your pets’ keys only.

Q: Will burglars be able to enter through the electronic pet door?
A: That is not likely. The door has an interior stainless steel locking bar, and the panel is shatter resistant. If a burglar were to say hit the panel with a baseball bat, the bat bounces back. The frame is made from heavy aluminum that won’t bend like plastic does. It would be easier to break in through a window.

Q: Will an electronic pet door let the dog out but keep the cats in?
A: Maybe. We can’t guarantee that; cats are small and quick, and they often figure out that they can sneak out with the dog. Some customers use an indoor “underground fence” solution to keep cats away from the door.

Q: My dog likes to swim. Will water damage the key?
A: No. The keys are water proof.

Q: Is it difficult to use a PlexiDor Electronic pet door?
No, it is easy to add and change collar codes, and the keys snap on to the pet’s collar easily. The pets usually figure the door out in a matter of minutes, and our support staff is standing by to assist with any problems.

Q: What kind of warranties do you have?
A: Every PlexiDor comes with a 5 year warranty, and a 90 day unconditional return guarantee. If you purchase a door and don’t like it, return it within 90 days and get your money back.

PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in the Toronto Sun

PlexiDor Pet Doors were recently featured in Canadian Toronto Sun. The magazine says, “The options for pet doors were once very limited. You had the flap and you had the squeeze but nothing that matched the quality of the windows and doors on the rest of your house. Now pet door sizes range from kitten to pony and are made from durable products warrantied against failure.”

They go on with stating, “You can still buy the vinyl flap, but it’s hardly an option for a Canadian winter.”

Read the entire article as PDF, or see it online.

PlexiDor pet doors featured in the Toronto Sun


PlexiDor Pet Doors featured in the Herald Tribune

The Herald Tribune recently reported on PlexiDor Pet Doors. The paper tells the history of the company and the doors, mentioning the special K9 Composite panels specifically designed to be sturdy and seal weather out.

The article also quotes Barbara Cook who houses six Weimaraner show dogs. “I would have never put in a door if I hadn’t seen this one,” she said. “It gets a lot of use, that’s for sure.”

See the whole article here in PDF format, or read it on the Herald Tribune website.

Image from the Sarasota Herald Tribune

Dog doors that stand up to even the largest dogs

In the past, owners of very large dogs  had problems finding suitable pet doors. Traditional flap doors can’t stand up to the power produced by a 200 lbs dog hitting it at a run. Countless owners  ended up with torn flaps, warped frames, and even pet door frames torn out of the household door.

Dog Doors That Stand Up To Even the Largest Dogs - extra largeThe PlexiDor dog door is specifically made to withstand even very large dogs. The frame is made from hardened aluminum that won’t crack or rust, and the panels are made from a special K9 Composite material. They’re thin, yet isolating, and strong enough to withstand the intense pounding a large dog can put them through. The PlexiDor factory has put an extensive amount of research into the material. The see-through panels also serves as a window for the pet.

An extra large dog also comes with extra strong jaws, and some breeds are known for chewing everything to pieces. The extra large PlexiDor dog door has an aluminum chew-proof trim around each panel, so even if the dog is bored and tries to take it out in the door, destroying the panel will not be easy.

Many pet owners worry about security, and that can seem a warranted concern when putting in a door large enough to accommodate a 220 lbs dog. Every PlexiDor dog door is delivered with a lock and key, and a steel security plate that attaches to the door frame.

The security plate screws on to the dog door frame, but for households that want to attach it often, be it for securing the house or for signaling to the dog that the door is locked, there is a sliding track accessory available. The security plate slides down the track to the right position, and is locked in place with a flip lock, so an intruder can’t get rid of it through pushing it up.

PlexiDor dog door with mounted sliding track and security plate. Extra Large.

The image to the right shows an extra large PlexiDor dog door with the security plate attached through the sliding track system. Note that you can lock and unlock the door through the security plate, so even if you forget to lock before putting the plate on, you don’t have to take it off again. The image also shows the security plate flip-lock on top.
There is also an awning available that provides shade and keeps rain and snow away.

The PlexiDor extra large dog door is available in three frame colors: silver, white, or bronze. The sliding tracks are available in the same colors, and awnings and security plates are either white or brone.

The extra large PlexiDor dog door is excellent for breeds such as Great Danes, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, Rottweilers, St Bernards, Old English Sheepdogs, Irish Wolfhounds, and other dogs up to 220 lbs. The panels open so easily that a small and large pet can use the same door. However, if a smaller pet is to share the door it’s important to adjust the installation height so everyone can get in and out comfortably.

Find the right size pet door!

It is important to choose the right size pet door. It naturally has to be large enough to allow the pet easy access, but also as small as possible in order to keep rain, snow, and winds outside.

Most dogs duck their head and lift their legs when they go through a door, so the opening doesn’t have to be as tall as the dog. This can be confusing; it is tempting to install a pet door like we do a human door, with the opening starting at floor level. A dog door or cat door can generally be elevated.

The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door come in four convenient sizes to accommodate a wide range of pets and household needs. Click here to download a size chart as PDF!

Examples of breeds and door sizes are:

Cats up to 24 pounds and dogs up to 9 pounds, such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Papillons, Yorkies, and Maltese generally require a small PlexiDor pet door.

Dogs up to 40 pounds, such as Poodles, Corgis, Dachshunds, Beagles, Pekingese, Shelties, Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, and many Terriers need a medium PlexiDor dog door.

Dogs up to 100 pounds, such as Labradors, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Collies, Setters, Bulldogs, Pointers, and Dobermans require a large PlexiDor dog door.

Dogs up to 220 pounds, such as Great Danes, St Bernards, Rottweilers, Old English Sheepdogs, Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees, and Irish Wolfhounds need an extra large PlexiDor dog door.

The size chart contains recommendations for installation height from bottom of frame to floor. If you are concerned about the opening size, download this information sheet in PDF format with opening sizes and cut hole sizes for door units as well as wall units. We want you to find the right size pet door for your furry friend!

News release; All Shapes, All Sizes, All Breeds


“All Shapes … All Sizes … All Breeds”


Bradenton, FL, (March, 2014).  PlexiDor® Performance Pet Doors is proud to showcase its family of high quality American Pet Products Association approved pet doors at the upcoming Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. The show is held at the Orlando County Convention Center March 12 thru 14, 2014.

For over 28 years the PlexiDor development team has worked closely with pet owners around the world to design a strong, safe, energy efficient and dependable product designed for years of trouble free use.

PlexiDor Pet Doors do not require replacement flaps. The shatter resistant, saloon style door panels are manufactured from K-9 COMPOSITE™ which is specially formulated to resist damage from sunlight, extreme temperatures and high impact. The door panels have been rigorously tested to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. The K-9 COMPOSITE™ panels are lined with industrial grade weather seal around all four edges to reduce air conditioning and heat loss.

“The development of our exclusive K9 COMPOSITE material has further increased the durability and energy efficiency of the PlexiDor product”, says Robert Wollet, Sales and Marketing Manager.

PlexiDor frames are made of hardened aluminum designed to never rust, bend, crack, or warp. All PlexiDor pet doors come standard with lock, key and steel security plate designed to prevent unwanted quests from entering the home.

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors are available through a nationwide network of authorized dealers, with prices ranging from $163 to $1,249.  Visit to locate a dealer near you or call 1-844-698-6472 to request a PlexiDor catalog, 

About PlexiDor

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors has manufactured high quality pet doors since 1985 at its facility in Bradenton, FL. PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from high-quality materials made in the United States and provide years of safe, trouble-free service for consumers and their pets. PlexiDor Pet Doors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps, and their frames are made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum that will not rust, bend, crack, or warp. Engineered with K9 COMPOSITE™ energy efficient panels, PlexiDor Pet Doors reduce energy costs and are ideal for extreme climates. PlexiDor also offers a 5-year limited residential warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.

Download the full press release with contact information here.

New PlexiDor Dealer Catalog Available Now!

PlexiDor Dealer CatalogThe new PlexiDor Dealer Catalog is available now. The 20 page publication is geared towards resellers and contains information about all PlexiDor pet doors and accessories.

It is complete with size charts and visual aids on measuring dogs to find the correct size door.

The catalog also contains information on security features, energy efficiency, and the PlexiDor retail display.

Download the catalog here: PlexiDor-eDealerCatalog(2-14). If you’re interested in becoming a PlexiDor reseller, visit this page.

In the UK? Come see us at Crufts!

Crufts takes place at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, and it is the world’s largest dog show. It is considered a national institution, and has been in existence since 1891. In 2013, 149,500 dog lovers attended.

Crufts is a dog show, but also a big shopping and entertainment event that celebrates every aspect of the role dogs play in our lives. There are awards for working dogs, and portions dedicated to rescue dogs.

Under 12s go free. Dogs cannot visit unless they are registered assistance dogs, or invited by the Kennel Club.

The event takes place March 6-9 2014 from 8:15 to 19:30, and PlexiDors will be there. Come and visit us at stand 4-24!

PlexiDor Pet Doors are going to Global Pet Expo 2014

Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, presented by APPA – American Pet Products Association – and PIDA – Pet Industry Distributors Association. 

PlexiDor booth

The show takes place in Orlando, at the Orange County Convention Center.

In 2013, the show featured nearly 1,000 exhibitors spread over 2,686 booths. There were over 3,000 new product launches, and over 5,000 pet product buyers attended.

On the image to the right you can see the PlexiDor booth from 2013, featuring the electronic door as well as our in-store display.

PlexiDor Pet Doors will be at booth 554. The show is open March 12 to 14.

Global Pet Expo is not open to the general public, but if you are one of the pet industry professionals attending, come by and see us!

PlexiDor featured in Sarasota Pet

Sarasota PetThe PlexiDor Extra Large was recently featured in Sarasota Pet, a Florida magazine for pet lovers. 

The extra large PlexiDor dog door accommodates the largest dog breeds, such as Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, and St Bernards. It is usually difficult to find dog doors large enough for these breeds, and the dog doors must be very sturdy to stand up to a dog this size hitting it at a run.

The PlexiDor dog doors are perfect for very large breeds since the hardened aluminum frame won’t bend, warp, crack, or rust.

The panels are made from the same specially formulated K9 Composit as on the smaller size PlexiDor pet doors, but on the extra large each panel is lined by a chew proof aluminum trim that also provides extra strength to the door.

Silver XL door unit

In the article, sales manager Robert Wollet mentions, “The PlexiDor extra large dog door was one of the most challenging sizes we have ever tackled. First, we have to gain an understanding of the sheer power these extra large dogs can generate.”

The PlexiDor pet doors can be mounted into a standard household door or through a wall. They are available in three frame colors; silver, white, and bronze. Every door comes equipped with a lock and key, and a steel security plate.

Read the entire article here!